December 10, 2009

Talk at PyCon, Become a TV Star?

Well, maybe not a star, but who knows? You will certainly get to meet a lot of interesting people with a common interest in Guido van Rossum's invention. And sessions are televised. Last year I posted two months after PyCon to point out that there had been 180,000 views of PyCon-related videos on

Of course it's too late now to be a speaker at PyCon 2010 if you haven't already been accepted - those decisions were made a while ago (with great difficulty, as there were so many excellent submissions this year).

It would be interesting to hear from some of the quarter of a million people who've viewed the PyCon videos just to see what you thought was good and bad about them. They certainly make information about Python much more readily available.

The people who speak at PyCon (and the many other Python conferences throughout the world) are stars anyway, in my opinion, and deserve our support. They are giving freely of the experience they have developed, and they deserve our thanks and recognition. PyCon speakers don't get free registration or much else in the way of reward, so when you are at the conference (or if you come across one of them elsewhere) please let them know how much you appreciate their work.

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Dougal said...

Ok here we go.

Firstly the videos are generally fantastic and the best I've seen for community run conference. The best I've come across is probably the google hosted Djangocon offered a fantastic video service.

I don't like the blip interface - its really hard to find the talks - they are not sorted and hard to search.

I do like that they let you download them via RSS though, like with miro.

I don't like that some of the longer video's were split over two and sometimes three parts - also they were quite hard to follow at times (particularly the tutorials). Perhaps some of these could be edited down? I can't imagine many people watched more than an hour of a video - so maybe that could be a limit?

I had hoped to go to pycon this year - but its not happening.