December 24, 2009

New Podcast: A Little Bit of Python

For some time Andrew Kuchling has been agitating to get a Python-based podcast going. He's finally made it by teaming up with Jesse Noller, Brett Cannon, Michael Foord and me. We have now recorded three episodes, and I believe the first two are already available via RSS feeds:

Choose from the MP3 version or the AAC Version (better for iTunes). The first two episodes are a little chaotic. It will take us a while to work out how to collaborate most effectively, but I am sure it will improve with time.

I'm interested in any and all opinions of the podcasts, and of course if you can let us know what topics you'd like to hear about we'll try and accommodate you. Please send e-mail to all at bitofpython dot com. We'll do our best to listen and respond.

Finally, since there's just half an hour to go before Christmas Day, a very Happy Christmas to all my readers.


yacitus said...

Are you able to get the podcast findable in the iTunes Store? (I may not notice new episodes unless I can subscribe to it there.)

A.M. Kuchling said...

The podcast will certainly get listed on iTunes eventually. We're still working on setting up a website for it, so its current location is temporary; I'll register it on iTunes once the permanent site is set up.

You can subscribe using iTunes without using the iTunes store. Go to Advanced / Subscribe to Podcast, and paste in the feed URL: .