December 19, 2009

Please Publicize PyCon

If you have a blog, now would be a good time to use it to start encouraging people to attend PyCon. In Atlanta, from February 19-21, with two days for tutorials before and up to four days of sprinting afterwards, it's likely to be the best and biggest PyCon to date.

I would be especially grateful if you would make sure that word gets out to people who might otherwise not think about coming to PyCon. The conference thrives on new blood - typically at least fifty percent of delegates will be attending their first PyCon. There are badges you can use to give your posts a graphical flavor, too.

I'm using the badge above because I am speaking early on the first morning about Building the Python Community. There are others you can use if you are attending, or giving a tutorial. So please, do everything you can to make this the best PyCon ever (which won't be easy, given the event's history). And have a very Happy Christmas!


Chris CS17 said...

I just started a new blog for daily python news (I miss pythonware's daily posting), so PyCon 2010 is the first topic posted.

Steve said...

@Daily Python: bit of a cheeky one there. If you presume to replace Pythonware's offering you have set yourself a very high standard!

Chris CS17 said...

@Steve: Indeed! Well, it's just for fun in any case. Looking forward to PyCon, it looks like you all have a good conference organized this year.