February 2, 2011

Less Than One Week to Become an OSCON Speaker

Remember that the OSCON call for papers closes on February 7. My attempts to add more Python skills to the assessment panel have resulted in three new Python-oriented members (including myself). There really is room for Python to expand this year, so don't be shy.  Submit your talk now!

February 1, 2011

Lanyrd Already Awesome, Likely to Improve

Interesting news today that the company behind lanyrd.com is to receive attention from Paul Graham's Y Combinator. This is excellent news for a company whose product is already awesome (and written in Python, naturally, or why would you be interested).

I really get the feeling that Python is gathering momentum, and can't wait to see how well-attended PyCon is going to be this year (remember: attendance is capped this year).