January 3, 2003

Happy New Year to All My Reader

A recent thought on blogging generally (and this blog in particular). I list this as an "occasional weblog" because,
unlike many other bloggers, I use it only as an occasional output channel. Seems to me that it's less like a journal or a diary and more like a
DisplacementActivity sometimes. Why am I doing this? Who knows. Perhaps when I am dead the world will appreciate better what a wonderful person
I was. This seems rather unlikely on the basis of my ramblings so far, even to me. The blog certainly isn't at the level I achieved with
Python Web Programming, for example. I can write, but it's more effort than a solitary activity
like blogging truly deserves.

Anyway, Blogger.com seems to have got the archiving thing sorted out now, and indeed appears to have made the whole process a little more usable. I still
prefer Wikis to blogs, largely due to their more collaborative nature, I suspect. Ultimately either the information in these things has value to others (and I'm well aware that there are blog sites with content syndication from a thousand sources) or it can be classed as masturbatory. Most of the blogs I have read are tedious descriptions of the lives and thoughts of others at least as sad as me, which don't inspire me to greater achievements. While there's a whole world out there blogging, I can't escape a certain Groucho-ness about the whole thing: if it makes me a Blogger then I might not want to blog! Enough, already.