May 29, 2002

Travelling in Style

Well, travelling, anyway. California, Kentucky and Michigan all rear their heads for the coming month. Like you care ... this is a blog, after all, so what does it matter, there's OnlyMeReading. Anyway, time to work on the support infrastructure while I'm away from RealLife for a while. Ah, the joys of flying, room service and cable television (not) all at the same time. Despite my apparent tired cynicism I actually enjoy teaching very much. Otherwise why put up with the joys of ...

Minimalist experiments with DreamWeaver Ultradev persuade me that it's a useful tool. Do you want your own record in this four-page web? Easy, just think of a unique key ... but not index.html. It would be neat if there were a
Python backend as well as ASP, JSP, PHP and others. There are hooks ...

May 10, 2002

Blogging is Back

Well, blogging certainly hasn't been at the top of my priority list lately. This is probably not that surprising given the amazing amount of reorganization that's been taking place on the home front (moving bedroom furniture, working in the garden, etc).

There's also been a certain amount of network reorganization (because the basement has also had to be turned upside down), and the self-built Linux server, headrat, now has a 160 gigabytes of extra storage. This was added in the form of two Seagate Barracudas. I've used this series of drives for a long time, off and on, and have to say they are remarkably good value for money (I picked them up for $165 each at my local computer store). This will make it easier to back up the laptop, leaving me wondering what to do with the three 5" double-height SCSI drives that used to be my main storage system, They're even too heavy to ship anywhere!

I've been playing with the wxPython GUI a bit recently as it seems to support one of the more promising GUI-builder tools, Boa Constructor. The software is undergoing a lot of development right now, and it's great to see the new features coming in, but less great to have to modify my code to updates APIs. One of the problems with being at the bleeding edge, I suppose. It is finally becoming possible to build good-looking GUIs in a reasonable amount of time, though, which is nice. I think a really good RAD tool (like Delphi) would help increase Python's popularity a lot.