September 1, 2012

Adafruit Pi Cobbler

Here is a picture of the extension board I built in about ten minutes this evening.

The kit includes a ribbon cable to attach to the Pi, and the little circuit board plugs in to your prototyping board on which you can build the rest of your circuitry.

This will be useful for projects too large for the Proto Plus to accommodate.

Pi With Proto Plus

Now I can blog straight from my phone I thought I'd post this picture of my Raspberry Pi, in its case with the lid removed and with my new Adafruit Proto Plus board in place.

The add-on board is well-designed, allowing you to easily tap the Pi's signals for use on the breadboard (an optional extra I couldn't resist) or for external circuits.

I have also bought a couple of Adafruit's Pi Cobbler kits, which will let me attach the fully-enclosed Pi to a larger breadboard. I am happy to say my soldering skills are returning despite a thirty-year hiatus.

Note: I am not impressed by the way editing a mobile blog post immediately requires me to insert paragraph separators in what until then appeared to be a well-formatted post.