December 21, 2009

PyCon Financial Assistance Closing Date Looms

If you want to go to PyCon but won't be able to make it because of financial constraints, please remember that the PSF does make some limited financial assistance available to assist in such cases. Yes, it's a band-aid, but one that can help increase the conference's diversity and ensure that interesting voices that wouldn't otherwise be heard have the chance to speak up.

The assistance program closes tomorrow, Tuesday December 22, so if you want to apply then please do so quickly.

This year, thanks to Google's generosity as a sponsor, we have additional funds with which to try and increase the number of women attending. Obviously we would prefer to use the funds to sponsor women who wouldn't otherwise be able to go (otherwise we won't increase attendance, we'll just subsidize women who would have attended anyway).

Happily the PyCon world appears to be rife with good common sense, so I don't anticipate problems. See you at PyCon!

1 comment:

alex goretoy said...

awesome, maybe there's a chance I can make it to pycon one of these days after all. :) thanks.