December 17, 2009

Skribit Schmibit?

I just noticed that Skribit log the number of followers for each writing suggestion on the blog, and some of the suggestions that have been made actually have people following them. Presumably this means that people would like to read such posts, so in the New Year I am going to try and pen at least one article a week on a Skribit topic.

This leads me to the question: how do I tell Skribit that a particular piece satisfies one of their suggestions, and should therefore be notified to the list of followers. Or is Skribit just making this information up as they go along? If you can't help me I'm going to have to read the FAQ ...

1 comment:

Doug Hellmann said...

Look for "Complete Suggestion" in the list of actions on the right side of the management list view, or "Link to Post" on the view for a single suggestion.