March 27, 2009

PyCon Tutorial Slides

My PyCon tutorial attendance was closed at 60 students, but there were a few spare seats still due to dropouts and such. Next year some way of allowing wait-listed students the flexibility of a last-minute change would be a small improvement.

Extremely happy that this is the most negative thing I can imagine saying about the way Greg Lindstrom and his team ran the tutorials. As a presenter I have nothing but praise for the way the organization supported me: all I had to do was follow the line of least resistance. That always makes it easy for a presenter.

Please post any questions or corrections about the slides as comments.

Thanks to everyone who supported PyCon by coming to the tutorial. What should I do next year (when I think I will limit myself to one)?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I was sad not to be able to make it to pycon this year. You've got lots of cool tricks in this. I've been starting to think along similar lines in my programming, but certainly hadn't figured all of this out.

Steve said...

That's great. The (5MB PDF) slides to my State of the Python Community talk are also up now. Not a technical presentation, but it may be of interest.