March 10, 2009

Congrats to Simon Willison

Simon tweeted recently to announce that the launch of the Guardian Open Platform appeared to have gone well. Clearly this is a newspaper management that "gets it", and the service looks fascinating from a technical point of view.

I am hoping to find out how easily information services can be built on this content.

The Guardian is one of the things I miss from back home. During my time back in Scotland it became a real pleasure to drop in at the newsagents near the station for a copy of The Guardian. So now I can at least get the content.

Congratulations, Simon! I am really looking forward to hearing about this development project at PyCon in a couple of weeks. Or at EuroPython later this summer

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Doug Napoleone said...

Our group at work has a subscription to the Guardian Crosswords. Everyone who thinks the NYT Crosswords are all that have never tried a real cryptic crossword before. In a time where most crosswords are generated by computers, they still employ dedicated typesetters to hand craft the most mind bending puzzles out there. For that alone I already love The Guardian. If any newspaper were to 'get it' it would be the Guardian. They understand about adding value, keeping it local, and doing great reporting. It is sad that as my local papers are falling apart I have to look halfway around the world to find what I am looking for and wishing I had an equivalent here.