March 11, 2009

Lest We Doubt ...

You know your software is popular when people send you bacon in the mail. Jacob Kaplan Moss of the Django team certainly knew, because the people from built a web business and said they "couldn't have done it without Django" in a note to Jacob ... with bacon enclosed.

Jacob captioned the image on Flickr "Do you have any idea how awesome it is receiving unsolicited bacon in the mail!?", which certainly winds up top of my list of questions most likely to receive the answer 'No'. He tweeted:
jacobian [...]! Just got BACON IN THE MAIL from the amazing people at!
So, through those long dark nights as you try to stay awake long enough to compile your extension module, instead of wondering why you work on open source softwar, comfort yourself with the thought that someone may, one day, send ... bacon.

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