March 27, 2009

Chairman's Challenge for PyCon Delegates

I was originally hoping to offer an enormous prize for the best delegate video of PyCon, so I could put it up on, (sorry about the currently-parked domain status - I am at a conference!) but I didn't get my stuff together despite good advice from Leslie Hawthorn. The better the advice the worse it's wasted, I guess. Sorry, Leslie.

Anyway, absent any clear probability of video appearing (and if video does appear then I will judge it and award a prize) I have decided to issue a challenge to those delegates with electronics knowledge and a practical bent. I have brought to the conference a (working) Arduino duemilanove board, an assembled but untested motor driver board, a prototyping breadboard, two power supplies, a butane powered soldering iron with solder and a shitload of electronic components.

I will award whichever delegate who (in my sole opinion) produces the best gadget by noon on Sunday a gift certificate for Elegant Stitches, the vendor who produces wearable Python regalia.

The first person to find me or the stash of components should find a corner of an Open Space room somewhere that can be used by anyone wishing to take up the challenge. Extra points for proving the motor driver board as either good or bad (but convincing evidence will be required).

Delegates working in teams will be given extra credit and will receive more generous consideration in the event of a win. Entries to me in person or via the registration desk team.

Even if you don't want to seek a prize, feel free to play with the bits and pieces if you have any electronics knowledge. The Arduino is an interesting little device, and it would be great to have Python support for it.

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Paddy3118 said...

Hells bells!
Practical electronics at a computer language conference - whatever will they think of next!


- Paddy.