March 5, 2009

Been Busy Lately

Amused to notice just now I am 2740 messages behind on django-users. That list is a firehose!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's ridiculously high volume. Not quite sure what the solution is, since there's so many dupes, but people don't seem to be prepared to search the large corpus of existing knowledge even in that little space before posting their own question.

I know that stepping away from it for a few days leads to an insane backlog. That's why even something like "this week in Django" can't keep up.

Still, we're not at linux-kernel levels yet: that one really is insane to even try and sample from I'm on one auxiliary kernel list that gets cc'd on the odd linux-kernel thread and I get up in the morning to find 50 mails on a single micro-topic! Puts django-users into perspective. :-)