August 10, 2009

People Using Python

The Python Software Foundation has embarked on a mission to find out more about Python users. We want to know as much about the organizations that use Python as possible. If you want to give us information about any Python usage at all (even organizations other than the one you work for) please fill out this form. We don't even need your details, and we'll filter for duplicates.

So please help us to find out as much as we can about who's using Python, and what for!


Jim M. said...

The title of your post is "People Using Python," but the first field on the form is "Company Name." Maybe the survey should be changed to "Companies Using Python." I use Python, my company doesn't.

Steve said...

@Jim: I just used the heading from the form, which I didn't design. To enter information about yourself which isn't relevant to your company just enter "personal use" for the company (I'd have said "organization" myself, since government agencies and the like are also of interest).

We are just as interested in individual users as companies. Your contact details will help so that we can discriminate between individual users, though I think the base assumption is that people won't bother to enter their details more than once :)