August 14, 2009

Burning Man Rip-Off?

Bother, and I was starting to think Burning Man might be worth attending. Looks like they need to get this silliness sorted out. Hardly appropriate in the 21st century. If I had a ticket they could even make me change this heading!

Which, since second thoughts are proverbially the best, I have done by adding a question mark; I also prefer "silliness" to the former"stupidity". A potentially offensive word was replaced.

Further edit: from the Burning Man web site:
"Use of Images"
I UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT THAT NO USE OF IMAGES, FILM, OR VIDEO OBTAINED AT THE EVENT MAY BE MADE WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM BURNING MAN, OTHER THAN PERSONAL USE. I understand that I have no rights to make any non-personal use of any image, film, or video footage obtained at the event, and that I cannot sell, transfer, or give the footage or completed film or video to any other party, except for personal use, and I agree to inform anyone to whom I give any footage, film, or video that it can only be used for personal use.


Paul said...

Heh! The [Burning] Man, indeed.

Steve said...

Wouldn't want to get [burn]ed, right? I wonder if BurnMan-2.0 would fly ...