August 21, 2009

Bugzilla Bug?

Why, when you change the assignment of an issue in Bugzilla, doesn't the default status change to "Assigned"? I so often forget to make that change it's not funny.


Unknown said...

The current default behaviour is appropriate for workflows where person A is reassigning to person B. Person B might not end up accepting the assignment -- particularly true on open source projects.

When you're reassigning to yourself, auto-assign by default probably makes more sense.

D'gou said...

What version are you running/using?
Bugs: You can now reassign a bug at the same time as you are changing its status.

I see 3.4 just came out with even more goodies:

Steve said...

Well, since I'm a Bugzilla occasional user I guess I'll just shut up now. This is on a client site, so I use what they provide.

Glad to know it's still improving all the time!