February 25, 2008

PyCon is International

Various national conferences have started to use the PyCon name, and this has now been formalized by making the various national sites available under the pycon.org domain. So now you can go to:
  • br.pycon.org
  • eu.pycon.org
  • fr.pycon.org
  • it.pycon.org
  • uk.pycon.org
That's a long way for a community conference to spread in five years! The eu conference is a redirection to EuroPython, which is a trans-national conference and (if I am not mistaken) was actually started the year before PyCon. But it's nice to have them in the family.

Thanks to Marc-Andre Lemburg for maintaining the domain. Let's hope to see more PyCons as the Python's influence spreads further and its popularity continues to increase.

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