February 9, 2008

Introduction to Python, March 25-27

The only new content we added to the revamped site was a brief announcement of our new Introduction to Python course, which is currently planned to run four times this year. I'll be teaching these classes in a tailor-made classroom in Springfield, VA, a short ride from Reagan National Airport and close to the nation's capital.

There's currently no schedule on the web, and places aren't yet being sold by e-commerce techniques—the important thing is to make sure everything is right before we start selling it too aggressively. The materials are based on courses I have given on-site to various clients over the last four years, so they are proven to be effective. The first run is March 25-27, and places are limited so that there'll be plenty of time to ask questions.

If you know anyone who needs to learn Python, ask them to get in touch. Also, if you have training needs that aren't covered by this specific class please let me know: there'll be more coming up!

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