February 17, 2008

Filmic Doppelganger

Ivan Krstic made a light-hearted blog post after eWeek named him the second most influential person in computer security, pointing out that there is an Ivan Krstic in the Internet Movie Database. So of course I had to go and see whether my name was there. Turns out my namesake is a production coordinator on PlayBoy films, and his STARmeter rating went down 40% this week —but you have to join the site to find out why, so I will never know.

I can't help feeling this is the moral equivalent of having a sheep thief in the family tree.


Anonymous said...

The guy at IMDB actually _is_ me. No, seriously :)

Steve said...

So you're a star of stage, screen and open source? Congratulations! My ignorance of European nomenclature led me to think otherwise, but I believe you.

Sorry it looks like we won't be seeing you at PyCon this year.