December 29, 2006


Well, thanks to coralpoetry for pointing out this has become a blog of note, presumably the last of 2006. I suppose this might be more humbling if there were published criteria for what makes a blog noteworthy, or if I had been aware of this feature before it linked to ... for Some Value of Magic. Another ten seconds of my fifteen minutes of fame?

Acknowledgements of any sort are encouraging, though. Like the old saying about bad publicity, for a minor blog there's no such thing as unwelcome atttention! So many thanks to whoever at Blogger (Google) put me on that list and to anyone else who happens to read this blog.

Because of the linkage I suspect that a small spike in readership is likely to occur, so let me take this opportunity to wish all fellow-members of the blogosphere (dreadful word) and all Holden Web customers a happy and prosperous new year. 2006 (and especially the latter part of it) has been somewhat traumatic for various reasons, so here's hoping for a smoother 2007.

Finally, while I have your attention, let me point you to Pass IT On, my favourite charity. Martha and Sandy's dedication to their goal of providing computer equipment to the disabled is single-minded, and I wish I could do more to help them. If Santa Claus has brought you a new computer please consider donating your old one. They also need cash support to help them become a free-standing organisation this year, so you can give them money if you don't have a computer to spare. Good luck to all at Pass IT On.


Anonymous said...

Regards from Spain.
Happy year 2007

BionicBuddha said...

Great blogsite...Keep up the excellent commentary!

Anonymous said...

wow! you've got a fantastic blog here! keep up the good work!
by the way, congrats on getting inducted into the Blogs of Note!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve!

Congratulations on your site being featured as a BLOG OF NOTE! Very nice : )

Nice idea mentioning the PASS IT ON charity, always great to do something kind for others.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and everyone here!


Anonymous said...

Definitely noteworthy blog. Think the idea of recycling computers for handicap is wonderful. For a fact in the United States, people handicapped are majorally on a set income, and can not afford computers. Great blog steve, best wishes for you and your charity.

Anonymous said...


Firstly, thank you so very much for the shout-out. As you rightly pointed out, for the little bloggee, all publicity is good. You must have been parading outside the Google Office, waving your giant Steve Holden banner for them to have noticed. Your blog is definitely noteworthy for the initiated. I shall return to search for a glimmer of something I can understand. I noticed the typo and I thought - oh, you've changed the byte to a bye, that's cool! Kudos to you for making people aware of the recycling of computers. I have a charity collection point like this one in my village.

Thank you for noticing the technique I employed to create my picture. Did you also notice the last surviving (yellow) flower at the top of the photo near the roof? There is also a TV aerial attached to the chimney. It was very, very foggy (and frosty) when I shot my pic. You probably need to zoom in a bit.

Happy New Year to you.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful blog Steve and a wonderful idea to make difference to this world.

Best wishes for 2007

May u come up with more such ideas

Anonymous said...

A wonderful blog Steve and a wonderful idea of making difference to this world.

Best wishes for 2007
May you come up with more of such ideas

Steve said...

hard, mj: fraternal European greetings and thanks for your comments

bionicbhudda: sourcecom

the bizarre jokester: joke 98 gave me a smile. Obscure mathematical joke: what's purple and commutes? [Answer: an Abelian grape]

mr q: thanks for the information. maybe when i move back to va i can see if there's any support for the idea. it would be a great open source training opportunity!

Steve said...

michael-from-the-future: Thanks very much (blush).

You don't have to have any particular set of beliefs to agree with what Pass IT On are doing. They are getting on with the hard work, mentioning them in a blog pales in comparison.

Everybody: send them some money or a computer!

Steve said...

Paramita: not my idea, but definitely one that's worth supporting.

Steve said...

coralpoetry: a pleasure, but I should of course have linked directly to that picture, which is quite interesting enough to get people reading the rest of your blog.

I hadn't noticed the flower, but I see it now. It's strange, I've had pansies in my garden since April this year, normally the autumn frosts would see them off.

You might be interested in Ted Leung's blog. Ted is also a geek, but much more knowledgable about photography than I am. Glad I managed to identify the compositional technique in your photograph, though.

You might say I didn't spend any time bringing myself to Google's attention, but you might equally say I've spent the last forty years :) and I certainly have placed a trail on the web, like it or loathe it.

Either way, I'm very happy (and immodestly gratified) that the Holden Web home page has achieved the page rank it has, and appears so high in the listings in a search for "Holden Web" or "Steve Holden".

I was amused to realise a while back that it has a better page rank than some so-called web search engine optimisation consultants. A good first question to all such consultants is "what's your home page's ranking on Google?"

Anonymous said...

A blog of note seems to be one that is readable and up to date.
I'll now take my Scrooge hat off and wish you a happy New Year.