December 1, 2006

Blogger on a Nokia 770

Well, I find myself with only a Nokia 770 Internet tablet to access the 'Net, so I thought I'd see how easy it was to create a blog entry. The typing is less than terrific through the hunt-and-peck on-screen keyboard, but so far I haven't been able to get my snazzy laser-projection VKB virtual keyboard to work reliably with the Nokia, so I have to be satisfied with the standard mechanism..

One rather strange feature of the interface seen through the Nokia is the invisibility of the title field. I see in the postings list that I've somehow managed to call it JU, but I really can't see how to change it. Maybe I'll change it later.

I seem to remember that the AJAX functionality used to work, but that's not the case since I upgraded the operating system. Maybe there's some setting that I need to update, but if so it eludes me. Anyway, this has taken quite long enough so I'll save the post as a draft and put the title right before I post it.

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