December 1, 2006

Browser Statistics (Hello, Robots)

During the current statistics trawl I started to wonder which browser technologies dominated among the visitors to the Holden Web site. November was an interesting month because both Microsoft and the Mozilla team released new products.

Here is typical information for the top ten client programs. Unlike previous statistics, Firefox users account for almost a half of the traffic to the site - usually Internet Explorer leads the pack with about 30%, but in November it was relegated to third position.

Internet Explorer 7.0 currently accounts for 2% of traffic, the first time it's appeared in the stats. The thing I found most surprising was the fact that more Firefox users were using the recently-released 2.0 version than anything else. 2% of users still use Firefox 1.0.

Rather less delightful is the fact that 20% of site traffic is spidering (though how come Yahoo has to crawl so much more aggressively than anybody else is beyond me). Perhaps the real message is that I need to put some more compelling content on the site!


Anonymous said...

I get slightly different figures from my site (which has a wide range of content, but still skewed towards the technical).

IE 7 6%
IE 6 41%

FF 2.0 18%
FF 1.X 21%

Others :

Opera 2.8%
Safari 2.7%
Unknown 2.3%
Mozilla 1.7%
Konqueror 0.5%


Anonymous said...

Your results are really strange for me. I checked a few sites from an international customer and found out:

USA: 60% MSIE 6.0, 11% MSIE 7.0, 11% Mozilla 5.0, 10% Google, 2.5% Yahoo
Germany: 64% MSIE 6.0, 8% MSIE 7.0, 17% Mozilla 5.0, 5% Google, 2% Yahoo
UK: 72% MSIE 6.0, 13% MSIE 7.0, 10% Mozilla 5.0, 1,8% Google, 1% Yahoo
Japan: 56% MSIE 6.0, 3% MSIE 7.0, 2.2% Mozilla 5.0, 28.8% Google, 6.2% Yahoo

The statics are generated by webalizer for November 2006

Steve said...

Arno: you are probably really highlighting the fact that the holdenweb.con site is so insignificant that no reliable statistical conclusions can be drawn from its readership figures :)

Jack Diederich said...

For corporate sites I see 73% IE6, 10% IE7 and 13% mixed mozilla/netscape/firefox. But what do I know, I only run a web analytics company :)

Steve said...

: Nice to hear from you, Jack, it seems a long time since Iceland. I am pretty sure you will find the difference between our figures is accounted for by the fact that my sample isn't large enough to be statistically significant.