March 30, 2010

Students: Help Python 3 Take Off

If you are a student you have a chance to get paid to work on Python this summer. Google is once more funding the "Summer of Code", and once again Python is participating in the hope of getting as many students as possible to move the language's development forwards. In fact this year the focus is on supporting the migration to Python 3 - although the "current" release of Python is 2.6.5 there is also a perfectly competent 3.1 release available, and 3.2 is shortly on the cards.

So this year the Python GSoC efforts have a distinctly forward looking flavor, and as you will see there are some amazing mentors available to help you complete your projects and earn the $5,000 that Google is offering.

Kudos to Arc Riley for once again agreeing to keep the Python show on the road as the Python Software Foundation's education projects manager (and to C. Titus Brown for the support he lends). Come and help them repeat the successes of earlier years, move Python forward in a visible way, and become a part of the growing Python community.

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Shashwat Anand said...

Looking forward to it :)