February 25, 2010

Small Python from Synapse is a Big Deal

The guys from Synapse didn't appear to be at PyCon this year, but they impressed me last year with their hacking of the "Easy Button" to tweet on Twitter when the button was pressed.

It seems they are still impressing people, as they have just been awarded a SmartGrid.TMCnet.com Product of the Year award. Congratulations to them - I am sure they will be a significant Python user in future.


Joseph said...

Actually the Synapse guys were at PyCon this year. They showed up at the Embedded Python space with some examples of their hardware, including the "Easy Button" (Which I think I broke).

Mitch said...

Hej Steve,

David Ewing gave a lightning talk and demo on Saturday afternoon. Check out
starting around 24:45.

bit twiddler said...

Thanks, Mitch. I just watched the PyCon lightning talk. Synapse's products and their embedded SNAPpy Python VM are way cool.
Unfortunately, the SNAPpy VM is "apparently proprietary", per the Py wiki.

More info: