June 23, 2009

My God, I Have Fans

I've been putting out links on delicious.com for a while now (when I started it was del.icio.us, which I personally still prefer as a domain name, though probably it was too esoteric for the non-geeks). It's a great system, and I have a program that searches my feed for the last seven items I tagged with "python" and makes those the front-page news item on holdenweb.com.

Most of my interactions with delicious go through the Firefox add-on, so I was a little surprised today to discover that my delicious network page shows that my feed has 44 fans. This means I now have a bunch of feeds to start looking at. I am going to have to stop sleeping ...

Looking at the network page I was also quite interested to see the top 10 tags list of the things I have tagged most frequently.

python 194
web 96
programming 80
design 71
development 58
tools< 49
politics 46
webdesign 44
marketing 40
open< 40

That gives you a fair idea of my interests. Don't tell Guido about the marketing ...


Dean Goodmanson said...

I'd like to encourage you to include more PSF nuggets in your blog and twitter feed, or just tell me where to go to participate on the fringe of that stuff. (I hate the word "lurk"..)

Steve said...

Thanks for your comments, Dean. I will try to be more forthcoming about what's going on in the PSF.

The PSF does have a blog (http://pyfound.blogspot.com/) but with only six posts so far this year we can hardly consider it active. I'm afraid psf-members is a closed list, but I will be asking the members of more of them would like to blog on behalf of the Foundation.

However one interesting factoid to emerge from my talk at EuroPython a couple of weeks ago is that many people would be happy to support the PSF by becoming associate members.

I'd be interested to know how popular such a scheme would be.