June 5, 2009

Google Wave: A Reason to Learn Java?

I've just (finally!) finished viewing the developer preview video of Google's Wave project from the recent Google I/O gathering. If I had time I would be brushing up my Java right now. I understand that the Java world was somewhat upset that Google App Engine supported only Python as a programming language for so long. Well, Wave is based on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), a fascinating development platform that allows you to program in Java and deliver AJAX applications automatically translated (on the client side) into JavaScript. So now it's time for us Python guys to stand in line.

Wave is an amazing demonstration of where the web is going, and our lives are going to be richer for it. It's an entirely new approach to personal communication, and clearly demonstrates that open architectures are (pun intended) the wave of the future. Google are actively looking for people to get involved with the project already.

More later. For now I am too blown away to do much more than sit here thinking about the potential. I am also excited that this represents a bundle of opportunities for the open source world to demonstrate technical leadership. Unless other vendors have come up with some competing web-based technology I'm not aware of, and I'd be happy to learn about that too.

Information about the Wave platform (and, of course, the open source code) is on Google Code. The open Wave protocol details are on a separate site. Look for Wave's public arrival later in the year. Nice job, Google.


Anonymous said...

I would argue that the protocol is more important than the single html5 client written in Java (GWT). In the future there will lots of other ways to make such rich web pages on html5. The interesting wave stuff will be done by the robots, which can do essentially anything they want to a wave. Luckely the api for these robots (see here ) has a python library as well as a java one.

apoirier said...

No need to learn Java to surf the Wave:
- the API will be published by Google, for Java and Python (currently only partially)
- the actual sandbox is on GAE, where your Python app can be hosted
- the Pyjamas project http://pyjs.org is a direct port of GWT in Python
- all the magic and potential of Wave is not into the Wave client, written with GWT, but into the Wave protocol

Unknown said...

Have you looked at Python-GWT? You'd be more productive in Python than in Java.

Unknown said...

Actually Wave is a good reason to learn XMPP in my book.

Google Wave said...

We are running a forum @ http://googlewavecommunity.com/forum and hope grow it big after the launch of Google Wave. Till date we do not have any input on Python implementation in Wave. We are inviting all technology experts to contribute in Developer's Den in their respective vertical. We will be really grateful to get some quality input from you side. All the readers of this comment are highly welcome to the forum.

Steve said...

@Google Wave: I imagine there will be many online forums about this topic. Good luck.