May 10, 2009

SCO's Inevitable End Moves Closer

A recent development in SCO's Chapter 11 bankruptcy takes the company still closer to its inevitable final demise. Groklaw reports that the US trustee has filed a motion to convert the bankruptcy proceedings from Chapter 11 (reorganization under protection from creditors) to Chapter 7 (liquidation of the business).

Darl McBride, somewhat predictably, is quoted as saying he was surprised by the decision, and that the company will fight it. This doesn't hide the fact that a bankrupt strategy will lead to a bankrupt company. The current stock price of $0.15 capitalizes the company at just over $3 million. How are the mighty fallen.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is it time to start preparing for the party yet, or is the final final end of SCO still some way off?

Is there another commercial entity that has raised so much ill-will amongst the technical community?