May 19, 2009

Who's Up for a Sprint, Then?

It's now a good long time since Need for Speed (three years, I find, rather to my surprise), and I have settled back into a more or less regular routine after my move back to the USA. So I am starting to wonder whether it might not be time for another speed-focused sprint, and this post represents a first attempt to run the idea up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes.

There have been many interesting developments on the VM front in the intervening years, and it seems like there's a distinct possibility that the current speed limits are going to be history in a year's time. That being the case, I would be prepared to put some effort into getting sponsorship and doing the administration and organization.

I was wondering about Amsterdam as a venue. Given the required lead times to recruit sponsors, get sprinters on board and ensure adequate accommodation I am thinking that the best time might betowards the end of the year - say October or November.

Who thinks this could be helpful? Who'd like to join in and sprint? Who would contribute funding to make it happen? All these questions are important, and only you can answer them!


Unknown said...

You could try setting up something at EuroPython, after all you're going, and there is sprint space.

Steve said...

@john: First the notice is too short; secondly my EuroPython trip is tightly timed, and I won't be able to be present for much of the sprints.

I'll be happy to support anyone who wants to use the EuroPython sprints as a springboard, though.

Antoine P. said...

hi Steve,

Assuming I can contribute :-), an European location would definitely be cool.