February 24, 2009

How Marketing Sucks (pt. 117)

I came across this interesting (but sadly totally predictable) little snippet in a marketing blog (which, to be fair, did point out that this technique is appalling) today. Apparently Jenny lives in Brooklyn, NY.

But wait, there's more, she also lives in Pensacola, FL:

Make user geolocation possible and marketers will use it to add false appeal to advertising claims by pretending to have local consumers using their products. No wonder that marketers are held in such high esteem.

The web used to be a place of wonder. Now, sadly, much of it is about as interesting as commercial television. I wonder if a lobotomy would help (me, that is)?


Anonymous said...

I'm always amused when I get these ads, because I have a non-standard DSL vendor, and even though I live in North Carolina, they're always bragging to me about how many clients they have in Marietta, Georgia.

Marius Gedminas said...

The web can still be a place of wonder -- it depends a lot on the websites you visit.

MononcQc said...

I'm also amused by these given I live in a relatively small city in a region 99% French-speaking.

The ads usually target a village next to my city having less than 5000 inhabitants telling me how many hot girls are waiting for me there.