February 5, 2009

Teach Me Web Testing

Thanks to Grig Gheorghiu for agreeing to involve the web testing community in my up-coming Open Space Teach Me Web Testing session at PyCon in March. Thanks also to Doug Napoleone, who has done his usual excellent job on the PyCon web site and has harnessed a bit of Google technology to provide a web page that allows you to add topics to a list and to vote those topics up and down. The session will attempt to address the user-provided and -prioritized issues in more or less the order they eventually end up on that list.

This session is inspired by last year's Teach Me Twisted, where the Twisted community generously came along and tried to educate me about their excellent asynchronous networking software.

I have no idea how this year's session could be as much fun as last year's, but I am going to do my best to enjoy it even though it's rather intimidating facing a room with no real plan as to how the session is going to proceed (except for the knowledge that one's ignorance will be the focus of the event). Just the same I hope everyone with an interest in web testing will come along, have a little fun and hopefully learn something too.

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Richard Jones said...

I'd love to come along and tell you all about my webunit testing suite for Python's unittest module but I can't :(