March 15, 2008

PyCon Friday: Python Software Foundation News

Well, the PSF meeting is over, and we have eight new members. The Board of Directors has changed composition slightly, with the departure of Andrew Kuchling (left) and David Ascher (right).

Andrew was the first recipient of the Frank Willison Award for services to the Python community. He did amazing things for PyCon as its second chair (last year and the year before), and has put in huge amounts of unseen work on other issues but unfortunately is now too busy at work to continue as a PSF Director.

David was a founding Director, I believe, and the co-author of early editions of Learning Python and co-editor (with Alex Martelli) of the Python Cookbook. Our loss is the Mozilla Foundation's gain. His new job as head of the corporation to nurture the Thunderbird software meant that he too had to move on, but he's promised to continue to do all he can to support the Foundation even though his new role will clearly be taxing. We all wish him well.

Raymond Hettinger and James Tauber, both long-term supporters and users of Python, now join us on the Board. Raymond may be known to you as the author of the itertools module among his many other fine contributions to the Python core; without his influence Python would still lack a decimal module. James has more than ably represented the Foundation as its Summor Of Code coordinator, and is also a prolific author of code, most recently in the Django arena.

The eight new elected members are: Titus Brown, Mark Dickinson, Amaury Forgeot d'Arc, Christian Hiemes, Van Lindberg , David Mertz, John Pinner and James Tauber. Congratulations to them all. Three new sponsor members were also elected:, HitFlip and Sun Microsystems. We are happy to have their support.

At this evening's meeting of the newly constituted Board Stephan Deibel followed through on his announced intention to step down after four years as Chairman, though we are pleased to know he is continuing as a Director. I am the new Chairman for the next year. I hope I can do half as good a job as Stephan.


Jonathan Ellis said...

Good luck as Chair, Steve!

Thanks to all the PSF for their hard work.

Jesse said...

Congrats Steve and everyone else. And yes, the PSF does great work for the community.