March 14, 2008

Marketing Open Source

Here's an interesting idea. Maybe the PSF should try to fund the development of a stick with Portable Python or Movable Python and a bunch of applications on it? That would have been amazingly useful for the PyCon tutorials this year.

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Pero said...

Good idea Steve, my plan was to deliver new version of portable python in january this year to make it available for pycon but didn't actually had time to do that. With some el cheapos 256MB sticks we can make big impact to promote python, not only help tutorials for pycon.

I didn't asked PSF for help yet and will probably do that after I'm ready with next version but anyway I will try to get fundings to do this and distribute as many preconfigured PP sticks as possible. Was thinking about web dev PP, game dev PP, scientific PP etc etc.

But yes funding is always sensitive area... hundreds of hits every day on PP website but NOBODY donated to help the project yet...

Any ideas about preconfigured distros are welcome.