July 4, 2007

Python Magazine Coming Soon

As Brian Jones has just announced, there will be a new Python magazine (imaginatively entitled Python Magazine) out before the end of the year.

It's encouraging that the publishing world is taking Python seriously enough to produce magazines . There's already the online PyZine and the more academically-inclined Python Papers, and I may have missed some.

This will tend to encourage further interest in Python, which I feel is kind of on the brink of mainstream significance. After a mere 17 or 18 years in development Python is about mature enough to become widely adopted - it took UNIX about the same length of time to appear as a commercial operating system.

If you have any ideas about what you'd like to see in Python Magazine, or if you're interested in writing for it, they would be happy to hear from you! I have agreed to provide a regular column, and so I have to get back to putting four months' material together.

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