June 28, 2007

Wing IDE Editor Video [Test]

So, today's exercise is to embed a ShowMeDo video into my blog. I'm thinking of extending the wxPython series - do readers think there could be a demand for such videos?
I use Wing IDE quite a lot, so I chose that one, but ShowMeDo now have over 100 Python-related videos.

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This video originally comes from here
at ShowMeDo
from the Python category.


Ian Ozsvald said...

Steve, you know full-well that I'd love to see a new wxPython series :-)

I use Robin's book for wxPython and before I had the book it was a total mystery.

wx really needs some video examples to smooth the learning curve for new users so I think a series from you, even a short one, would be both very popular and very useful.

As an indication - even though Kyran's wxPython series is over a year old it is still one of the top reasons for people to come visit ShowMeDo from other Python sites...it really is that popular!

Ian (showmedo co-founder)

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

I'm an author over at ShowMeDo. I've produced a number of videos (including some covering Python-related stuff) and I can tell you: It's been a wonderful experience. Ian has been extremely helpful and the feedback I've received is great (it's really made me quite proud of the videos I've done).

I'd really appreciate a wxPython series (for the same reasons Ian mentioned in his comment - wxPython needs screencasts!)



Steve said...


Yes, I know you are keen, but this was intended to be a bit of independent market research ... so much for that idea! Lucas' support as one of your authors is helpful, though.


I am pretty sure that I can show how the wxPython application so far developed can be converted into a full-blown real live text-editor application. We then need to go on and show how applications can dynamically create their own dialogs and subwindows.

I have already published a wxPython application I use to communicate with PyCon sponsors that uses database-driven windows and subwindows. This uses a data window class that you can link to your own interfaces (I use wxDesigner to create mine).

I have just completed a fairly major refactoring of the data window code, and I'd include that stuff in the videos (now it's presentable) just so people knew what was going on. The old code can be found in my PyCon 2007 tutorial slides and code.

Ian has offered to help me collect my thoughts, but anyone else is welcome to contribute their thoughts and opinions. Thank you for yours.

Anonymous said...

Steve wrote:
I'm thinking of extending the wxPython series - do readers think there could be a demand for such videos?

Hello Mr. Holden,
please make more videos about wxPython.
I'm sure there cannot be enough easy-to-understand documentation about wxPython.

I make videos about python myself on showmedo ( http://www.showmedo.com/videos/?author=71 ) and i use the wxPython-based program DrPython for teaching python.( http://drpython.sourceforge.net/ ). Another program i use for teaching python (to a young audience) is rurple ( http://rur-ple.sourceforge.net/en/rur.htm ) wich is also written in wxpython.

Having good information about wxPython would be great for my students as this would enable my students (and myself) to take a closer look at the source-code of drpython.

-Horst JENS (Horst.JENS@gmx.at)