April 23, 2007

Python Acknowledged at IEEE

The May/June edition of the prestigious Computing in Science and Engineering (CiSE) magazine is a single-subject issue on the topic of Python. This is surely a recognition of the language's value to scientists, and a vindication of the work put in by scientists all over the world to apply Python to scientific tasks.

CiSE is a joint publication of the IEEE Computer Society and the American Institute of Physics. Unfortunately not all articles are available electronically to non-members.


Unknown said...

From my institution, most of the articles from your URL were not free. However, if I navigated to the issue of the magazine via IEEE Xplore, I could get all the PDFs. Just a heads up to anyone else at an institution with IEEE access.

Steve said...

Nice tip. Jay, thanks. The more people who see this the better it is for Python!

Rjialceky said...

Thanks for the link. I started using Python after reading the January-February 1999 CiSE article "Ten Good Practices in Scientific Programming", by Paul F. Dubois. #2 on that list is: write a script instead of a compiled program. And Paul Dubois described his favorite choice - Python. A year or so later, I met Paul at The Tenth International Python Conference (2002) in Alexandria, VA and thanked him for writing the article.