April 23, 2007

Bet Your Business on Python

It is encouraging to see that increasingly businesses are depending on Python to give them a strategic advantage in their marketplaces. The most recent comment of note comes from yet another PyCon sponsor, ITA Software, who use Twisted quite heavily in airline scheduling applications. They are a new phenomenon to the airline business: a company that provides responsive service without the use of mainframe heavy-iron. You can read the whole eWeek article to get more context about ITA's use of Python, but the quote I liked best was from Dan Kelley, ITA's director of application integration:
"So we think, absolutely, that it's ready for prime time. What we're doing is saying to a billion-dollar business, 'Yes, we can write components in this particular programming language, and they will keep your airline running.'"
Note that ITA don't use Python exclusively, and they see one of the advantages of distributed systems as being able to choose appropriate languages for each component.. I don't believe anyone thinks Python is perfect - it's a waste of time to seek perfection in a programming language because the concept is so subjective. Just the same it's nice to see real businesses coming out with this kind of informed opinion about Python in fairly mainstream publications. Quite apart from the general advocacy benefits it is useful, among other things, as ammunition against the dynamic language bigots should any such ammunition be needed.

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