January 18, 2007

Python Everywhere ...

In other news, a Swiss company that sells remote sensing systems for liquid petroleum gas tanks is buying Python-based sensing equipment from a US-based company. This is probably nothing new, as the Python in question is 1.5.2, but it reminds me just how pervasive Python is becoming.

The device in question is 1.62" x 1.24" x 0.14" (41.4 x 31.4 x 3.6 mm if you must) and it runs Python!

The news about Autodek's adoption of Python for Maya now also seems to be getting around - three more news pieces listed in my Google alerts today.

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Steve said...

Silly of me to overlook Blender - though, of course, I did did blog about Blender back in January last year and thus can claim not to be ignorant of it.