January 18, 2007

Things You Don't Expect

It's strange. I use the web an awful lot (the company is called Holden Web, after all) and so I am used to seeing server error messages appear in my browser. So I had to stop and wonder just why I found this one so fascinating:

The answer finally came to me after a minute's puzzling: it's the very first Google server error I have ever seen. Given the amount I use Google and the scale of the service they now provide I think that says a huge amount about the quality of their engineering.


Unknown said...

Your likely to see more of them. I have never seen then up until about 2 months ago. Since then I have received at least a couple dozen of them.

the awkward epiphany said...

now that i think of it....i think you're right.

Thomas Reitz said...

I saw 2 or three errors in the last week.