January 23, 2007

Lots of PyCon Good News

The PyCon blog announced today that pre-registered attendance has now reached 400. After a pause in growth last year (due to the change of venue?) I am happy to see that Python's continued increase in popularity is being reflected in PyCon's attendance figures. It is, after all, the primary US conference for anyone with an interest in the Python language.

Sponsorship is also on the increase, and I am delighted to have exceeded the target that the co-chairs set me when they put the budget together. This is the first year we have attracted five Platinum-level sponsors. Thanks to everyone who is supporting the conference in this most practical of ways. I hope all my readers will take the time to follow their links at the right-hand side of the PyCon web pages. It's also not too late to sign up as a sponsor - where else could you get your organisation's name on the web next to both Google and Microsoft?! The details are here.

On a personal note the database API tutorial is going ahead. The lower numbers this year should allow time for questions and personal tuition. I'll have to get working on the slides and examples now!


Anonymous said...

I wondered how many were attending. Thanks for posting the 400+ announcement.

Steve said...

'Twas but an echo of a posting from the PyCon Blog, which is worth keeping your eye on.