February 25, 2006

Lightning Talks (1)

High-Speed Stuff, No Corrections

This is a stream-of-consciousness dump of the lightning talk sessions.

Big and Bold Slides with S5
David Goodger: With Python and docutils you can do large-slide presentations. Q: Can you print your slides? A: Yes, but the layout needs work. CSS anyone? Q: Can you include images? A: Yes, of all kinds? Q: Does it work with IE? A: Yes.

Testing Web Apps with Twill and ??? Titus ??? Twill lets you browse to web pages and fill out forms. Very engaging interactive demonstration. Nice humor: "...and of course the great thing about Python is there are so many different web frameworks you can test". I think I'm going to try twill. Q: Will that work with mod_python? A: It works client side, not server side.

Building MerchantCircle.com David Creemer: They are building a CheeryPy-based online marketing tool for small local merchants. Lots of Python in the application, so thanks. Found it bery good to develop in the production environment. Found FormEncode, Routes, PostgreSQL and Tsearch2 very useful. Avoid magic, be(come) a DBA, hire the best and never stop cleaning. Q: Did you use embedded Python stored procedures? A: We've played with it, but no. Q: Would you like something similar to routes in CherryPy? A: I'd love to see that.

Python Argetina Facundo Batista: We are a user group, and have a portal web site, recently migrated away from Plone to MoinMoin. We have developed a stable workshop in a national university, and given courses. We have T-shirts for sale. We have meetings, talk a lot and drink a lot! We are planning a national meeting to allow people from the different provinces to meet each other, and want to organize a job board, talks in various cities, and keep reaching out to Argentinian users. Q: How small are your smallest T-shirts? A: Medium, but htat's smaller that your medium! (laughter). We don't have XX (more laughter). Q: What other languages are the universities teaching? A: C++ and Java.

Chandler ??? Chandler handles calendar events now, shortll appointments and to-do lists, eventually email. It also lets you share information via a WebDAV repository. 0.6.1 is the latest release, and the speaker is using it live although there arae some rough edges. Built on wxPython and twisted. The GUI allows multiple calendars to be overlaid, which is neat. An event can occur in multiple calendars. Eventually they want Chandler to incorporate many extensions from the Python community. Q: License? A: It's an open source project, with an open license.

How to Replace Yourself with a Small Bot Ben Collins-Sussman After five years of daily IRC use the speaker started to use ircbot.py and generate bots of various kinds, starting with pinkybot and wolfbot. He moved to work with Google, and realised that a bot could take his place in the various communities, and sussbot was born. It does nothing except respond with useless platitudes such as "have you checked the FAQ?" little happened, but some users did undertake "serious" interactions (hilarity). Q: URL?A: http:// svn.redbean.com/repos/ircbots/ Q: IM version? A: That'd be fun.

py.execnet: simple ad hoc networking Holger Kriekel Standard models for remote execution are cumbersome, require servers to be started ahead of time, and complicates programming. py.execnet requires no installation on the server side. You define your protocol on the client side and deploy it from there using a gateway via an SSH login or similar channel to a host with Python installed. Interactive demonstration showed /etc/passwd from a remote host. Great for propagating viruses ;-). In a controlled environment has been extremely useful for administrative tasks, and multiple scripts have been developed for tasks like remote sync. http://codespeak.net/py

Help with Jython Generator Expressions Chio??? I am trying to expect generator expressions in Jython. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it fails. If there's someone who knows Jython internals or AST would be able to help mne. Please!

Using the Web as Your Application Platform ??? We are taking REST to extremes. tasty, our tagging service, is a layer that provides tag search results as Python dictionaries. We have focused on small components, and have found this is a fruitful design approach. http://tasty.python-hosting.com.

Spec David Byng spec is a module we have been using to describe sets - think of it as a type. Allows checking for membership in sets, describing and checking attributes. Various set-theoretic primitives are implemented as functions. the proper() function can be used to verify that an instance agrees with a set of property specifications. http://www.mems-exchange.org/software/qp/. Q: Did you look at spyce(??)? A: It's kind of similar, but different enough to be necessary.

A Configuration Database Moshe Zadka The database has to be updated by all kinds of system components, and be available to many processes. A configuration wholuld be a list of actions, saying what the user did to get to the current state. We have a schema description language. This requires very little code. People are doing similar stuff with prevailer.

Another session tomorrow!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Brown. Titus Brown. ;)

Thanks for the nice comments on the twill lightning talk. I've put
up a screencast here.

Note that my answer re "mod_python" was with specific respect to using wsgi_intercept and mod_python, not twill in general. That is, you have to use wsgi_intercept on the client side to "mock" the network connection. twill will work fine with any HTTP server (I hope).


Steve said...

Thanks for the clarification, Titus. As you will appreciate I was typing at 90 miles an hour just to keep up, so sorry about not catching your name. I determined in advance that I wasn't going to hold up publication to fix the report up. I really love the way those sessions cover so many topics so quickly.

I think twill is going to become more widely known in the next year. I'm certainly going to take look at it. Good stuff!