February 28, 2006

Kudos to Kuchling

While I am on the subject of conference organization, I don't believe I have recorded what a terrific job Andrew Kuchling has done in putting PyCon 2006 together. I know from personal experience that the organization of this conference places huge stresses on the chairman, but Andrew has performed magnificently.

This PyCon has been better in so many respects than the three that preceded it. I also know from the chatter I've seen in the background during the preceding year that things are becoming rather better codified to assist future organizers. PyCon will continue to improve.

Well done, Andrew!


Mark said...

You didn't mention that you interviewed Bram at PyCon. That was a fantastic interview. It was so warm. It felt like a conversation between a favorite uncle and his favorite nephew.

And the dry British humor made it even better.

Steve said...

Well you have to remember that along with that dry British humor goes an unassuming British modesty (how those who know me will laugh) that suggests it wouldn't be proper to mention my achievements in the same post as one offering thanks to another person for a job well done.

It was an interesting experience, and my first attempt at a live interview, so thank you for letting me know you enjoyed it. The only other remarks about it I've so far seen on the web appear to have been from dweebs who felt that any deviation fro the hard technical presentation format is a mistake.

In the past I have interviewed Guido and Mitch Kapor in the past, but in both cases they were recorded and transcribed.

Thanks to Gus Landis I do have an audio recording of my interview with Bram, and I hope that will eventually make it on to the web as well. Alsi I do plan to blog something about my interview when the PyCon fallout is finally processed.