April 18, 2021

Mac OS - When Mouse Clicks Are Not Actioned

I've recently experienced a rash of events where maybe once a week on average mouse clicks have simply stopped working. The cursor tracks the mouse, but clicks just don't do anything.

After some weeks of irritation I eventually realised that I could avoid a reboot by restarting the Finder using the "Force Quit" feature (you can kill any app except Finder, for which the available action is "Relaunch").

"So how," I hear you asking, "do I do that when I can't click to bring up the Apple menu?" The answer is "With the keyboard. Simples!"

The Force Quit applet has a keyboard shortcut (Cmd-Option-ESC). Enter that key combination and the Force Quit dialogue appears. Use the arrow keys to navigate to select Finder. Enter triggers the relaunch, and a further Enter confirms that. In summary:

Navigate to Finder

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