February 14, 2015

Carl Trachte: Mining Engineer Turned Geek

Another #LABHR post.

I first met Carl when he came to a training session for new PyCon speakers. He was very nervous, and concerned that his topic would not be of sufficient interest to his audience. I made a point of attending the beginning of his talk, and by the time I left there was no doubt in my mind that Carl would do well in the Python community.

Over the years he has done invaluable work for the PSF, both in policing potential abuses of the Foundation's trademark for the Python programming language, and also in collecting sample descriptions of Python in many languages and alphabets to try and make Python's web presence more welcoming to those from diverse linguistic communities.

He has been a PyCon volunteer for a while now, helping others to find what they need and demonstrating by example the helping spirit of Python and open source generally.

Carl has done all this with no thought of return, and in doing them has helped uncountable numbers of Python users. Well done, Carl, and thanks!

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