December 8, 2014

Python Dev of the Week

I'd like to thank Mike Driscoll for running his Python Dev of the Week series of blog posts. I was fortunate enough to be featured a while ago, and previous victims include Carl Trachte, Michael Herman, Brian Curtin, Luciano Ramalho, Werner Bruhin, Facundo Batista and Ben Rousch.

I hope Mike keeps going with this series. There are many interesting personalities in the Python world, and this brings them just a little closer.


anatoly techtonik said...

I agree that this is an awesome stuff. It opens the culture that people belong to, which is rather important for communication.

The direct link to the series -

Otherwise search opens this page - - which is probably where Mike got the idea. I backtrace that DZone started the series on 2012-12-05, so the virus took only two years to spread. =)

However, I can not trace the start of the Mike series, because Wordpress shows only last 10 posts per tag.

Steve said...

@anatoly - I think you double-pasted the DZone link by accident. It's

As always, thanks for your comment.

anatoly techtonik said...

There is no way I can edit the comment here (which must be a good thing), so thanks for the correction. BTW, the "to be featured" link on your post looks incomplete. Most people don't care, probably, but it still annoys me somewhat. =)