August 1, 2012

Question Question

So, if the ladies of PyPy started their own organization would they be the PyPyLadiesLadies?


Brandon Rhodes said...

Latin teachers used to ask their students to translate “A rose is a rose is a rose” and then would get a laugh by suggesting that the correct translation is:

Rosa rosa rosa est est!

Steve said...

This brings back entirely un-fond memories of a language I was forced (as a potential Oxbridge candidate) to "learn" (very little actual learning took place, but I was at least extensively educated as to exactly how unsatisfactory a student I was).

Latin "O" Level stands to this day as the first and only public examination I ever failed. Oh well, there's a tweet, thanks!

All of which coud be summarized as "tl;dr: would like to laugh along, but so biased against the language as to hamper myself by ignorance."