December 21, 2010

Linux Journal Readers Choose Python Again

I've just noticed the latest Linux Journal, which contains details of their 2010 readers poll. In former years they attempted to distinguish between "programming languages" and "scripting languages" but last year and this they just allowed readers to vote for any languages they liked in either category.

The interesting outcome was that readers voted Python as both the best programming language and the best scripting language. Thanks, Linux Journal readers!


Dougal Matthews said...

I find it interesting that PHP gets second place, beating some other fine languages and this makes me loose some faith in the voters opinions.

Joaquin Abian said...

php gets second only for scripting languages. still, I agree this is a bit weird. Some people complaints about that list saying that it shows not the best but the most popular. Whatever, this are good news for Python that this year is also a strong candidate for best language of the year in TIOBE index

Unknown said...

It's actually a perfectly sensible double-verdict, since Python is awesome for quickie simple little "scripts" as well as serious Programs.