May 10, 2010

The Python MiroCommunity

Well, I have been wondering what to do with for a while, but I think it's pretty clear now that a lot of redirection to the Python Miro Community is in order. This is some seriously helpful stuff for anyone who wants to know more about Python.

If I were Steve Jobs (and I'm sure he will tell you I'm not) I might want to say it was fantastically amazingly stupendously great, but in fact it's simply the result of some solid work by an individual and a foundation.

So, a tip o' the hat to Will Kahn-Greene, the currently volunteer curator of the collection (sorry the PSF couldn't help you with funding, Will, but the amazing job you have done without it surely tells potential sponsors that your channel will represent amazing value to them) and to the Participatory Culture Foundation, Miro's originators.

Oh, and then of course there's the hundreds of people involved in creating the videos and the conferences and user group meetings at which they were made. Including a small core centered around Carl Karsten who have worked for years to get to the stage where we are publishing video while the conference is still happening. Pretty amazing stuff, really. Lots of Python in the mix, naturally, and pretty all of it open source unless I mistake my guess.

Hmmm, ...

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