January 15, 2010

Just the Python, Please

The webmasters are having a spring clean and suggested that I might like to provide a "pure Python" feed. Michael Foord pointed out that such feeds existed already. If you want to skip the irrelevant waffling and occasional foray into politics then from now on Planet Python should see such a feed.

Direct subscribers wanting only Python can follow
if they prefer.

Other blogs:
    A Yorkshireman in America where the rabid politics really live
    On Your Desktop lame celebrity desktop blog
    PyCon conferences - you probably get this via the Planet
    Python Software Foundation News others contribute more than I do


Anonymous said...

Great initiative.

I really wish Greg Wilson would do the same. Some days the Python planet is just choke full of his posts, of which 5% have anything to do with Python and programming in general.

Jack Diederich said...

planet.python is pretty good, and cleaner than it used to be. Whomever is currently in charge (Jeff?) is more selective than a year or two ago. Alternatively authors have become more likely to offer RSS feeds by tag or to keep single purpose blogs (I used to have a mixed blog but started a new one just for python stuff).