October 16, 2009

Pyticipate: Interpret Your World

Well, Grig Gheorghiu just posted the list of invited speakers for PyCon 2010, with their chosen topics. It's a doozie:

Ian Bicking: On the Subject of Source Code
Jeff Rush: Interfaces, Adapters and Factories
Jack Diederich: Python's Dusty Corners
Mike Fletcher: Debating 'til Dawn: Topics to Keep You Up All Night
Raymond Hettinger: Mastering Team Play: Four Powerful Examples of Composing Python Tools
Bob Ippolito: The Other Kind of Testing
Alex Martelli: Powerful Pythonic Patterns
Joe Gregorio
: Threading is Not a Model
Ned Batchelder: Tests and Testability
Holger Krekel: The Ring of Python
Ted Leung: A Survey of Concurrency Constructs

More details on the PyCon web site. If PyCon only had those talks it would make an amazing one-day event, but of course there will be three days of talks, with four tracks, so in practice it will be completely impossible for anyone to attend all the talks that they would like to.

That's where the Pycon videos come in - high quality recordings of every scheduled talk will be available. It's nowhere near as good as being there, but if you were at PyCon it's a great way to fill in the gaps, and if you weren't then it's a good reminder of exactly why you should be next time around.

PyCon is a great conference. I'm looking forward to it already!


Doug Napoleone said...

Pyticipate? really? thats the one that won the huge long thread on themes?

What happened to 'Everybody Loves Pymond'? or 'The Py and I?'.

I mean, come on we can do MUCH worse than Pyticipate in committee....

Steve said...

There is no "winner" as far as I'm aware, or at least not yet. I just liked the word "pyticipate", and decided to use it. I suppose "Interpret Your World" might become the conference theme, but that will be up to Van. I used it because I felt it gave me a heading that would encourage readers to get involved.

If I am wrong that wouldn't necessarily surprise me.

Doug Napoleone said...

No, you are correct, and of all the options I like this one the best, even if others do not agree with us.

I was just poking fun at the past efforts we have had at theme-ing the conference by committee ("I'm not a wizard", etc). I think we might actually do a good job this time.

I was just being too obtuse in my comment.

Antoine P. said...

I'm not sure what "interpret your world" should mean (apart from the obvious and a bit dull, well, interpretation), but I like "pyticipate".
I hope to be in PyCon :)